Enregistrement – l’ensemble des techniques permettant d’enregistrer, de fixer, de conserver et de reproduire

(loose translation: a combination of techniques that allow one to record, to fix, to preserve and to reproduce)

10 facts about me:

  • Current BFA/B. Ed student
  • College graduate
  • Future llama owner
  • Textile enthusiest
  • Excellent cookie and cupcake baker
  • Avid coffee drinker
  • Aspiring teacher
  • Former choir singer
  • Reluctant shoe wearer
  • Inadvertent pack rat

1 Response to “About”

  1. January 28, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Hi! I was searching back and forth for your personal email and did not find it. I guess the reply will do. I wanted to thank you for posting my photograph on your blog, I am very glad you liked it. I also did not find an info about the city you live in, but if I am lucky and you live in San Francisco or anywhere near, you can email me and I would be very happy to meet you and to have a coffee (wait, you don’t drink coffee) and may be do a shoot together.
    Anastasia Kuba.

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